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Moskito Island - British Virgin islands: Project

Moskito Island

South Bay services Power plant 
British Virgin Islands

Scope of work for this project consisted of.
1) Installation of 5 x silencers Each weighing 2.1 metric Ton and measuring 56"(4.6 ft) diameter and 180"(15 ft)high.
2) Welding and fabrication of all 8" diameter pipe work and supports. running from silencers to exhaust port of engines.
3) Installation of all electrical cabling, control cabling running from generators to switch gear.
4) positioning and installation of switch gear into power plant, switch-gear consisted of 8 x cabinets 7 of which required buss bar couplings to be installed and torqued. all control cabling to be routed through to allocated locations.
Installation of 4 x 310kW Caterpillar diesel generators, Associated switch gear, Exhaust system and sound attenuation into power plant

Moskito Island - British Virgin islands: Text
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