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Cooper Island Beach Club - British Virgin islands copy: Project

Cooper Island Beach Club

British Virgin Islands

SMA Micro-grid system

Base system consists of the following 

1) SMA  multi cluster box 12, with 12 Sunny Island 6048 inverters.

2) 2 x 90 kW diesel generators as backup

3) 22 x Sunny Boy inverters ranging between 5000 watt and 7000 watt.

The solar panels connected to these inverters have been installed over a 8 to 10 year period and vary in manufacturer and size

4) The energy storage system has grown and evolved over the life span of the system.

a) Starting of with lead acid batteries 

b)  Then Aquioues hybrid batteries ( salt water based battery ) 410 kWh

c) Currently running on a small TesVolt energy storage system. 67.2 kWh Lithium Iron 

Cooper Island Beach Club has grown over the last 10 Years and so has its power needs. We started of needing a peak of 15 kW and now during busy season we are hitting 45 kW peak loads.

SMA has been fully supportive during this systems life time as a manufacturer.

Generators where supplied by our local partners Parts and Power,

Electrical and SMA equipment have been supplied by Total Electrical Solutions.

Cooper Island Beach Club - British Virgin islands copy: Text
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