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Bitter End Yacht Club - British Virgin Islands: Project

Bitter End Yacht Club

Bitter End Yacht Club - British Virgin Islands

Scope of work for this project consisted of 

1) design supply and installation of switch-gear and generators for this system, Amandla Engineering was commissioned by NGP Electrical the main contractor to install this system.

Installation of 2 x 250kW Modasa diesel generators, Generators where both fitted with IG-NTC-BB controllers.

Switch gear was custom designed and built for Amandla Engineering and the end client Bitter End Yacht Club.

Comap Intelli Mains and Intelisys controllers are used fot the Main breaker and a Buss-Tie breaker. Creating a Critical Load Buss and a Non Critical Load Buss

Bitter End Yacht Club - British Virgin Islands: Text
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